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Cleaning Consultation Services

We are professional in the industry cleaning for many years in Malaysia market, this makes us confident expanding into consumer cleaning field. All the while, the consumer has been left behind from home cleaning. Unless you are in the industry, else you could only try-n-error while cleaning up your house.

Consultation services is less popular in Malaysia especially comes into cleaning activity. In order to achieve an ultimate result, we need consultation and tailor-made cleaner.

No matter you are face challenges in the home cleaning or office cleaning, we are always here to work with you.

Home Cleaning Consultation Steps

We have worked with many commercial cleaning companies through our career, and we believe the experience will help consumer’s market. We have simple steps come into Cleaning Consultation for home or commercial cleaning:

  1. Face to Face or Phone Consultation. We require to understand the contaminant you want to remove.
  2. Show Result with dedicate products. We shall show you some cleaning result base on pass record.
  3. Discuss with the customer with a supply plan. We may provide you with some cleaner sample to examine the result.

Office or Commercial Cleaning Consultation Steps

Commercial cleaning requires professional knowledge and experience. In order to achieve better quality cleaning result, we always have to perform a site visit. The site visit will help us to understand the contaminant thoroughly.

Be prepared for the below steps:

  1. Require to walk-through the cleaning facility
  2. Discuss about the cleaning expectation
  3. Provide samples and further discussion
  4. Supply plan

We could tailor-made home cleaning products for getting better cleaning result.

Set up a High Cleaning Standard

Understanding our customer cleaning expectation and setting up a high cleaning standard is our goal in industrial cleaning. We bring this concept to the consumer market.

We have developed various kind of cleaner dedicate for cleaning process. All the cleaners are served for difference purpose and cleaning needs. Even though we have listed several fetures home cleaning products in the website, but there are still a lot cleaners formulation in our note book.

As we are a dedicate cleaning consultaiton service in Malaysia, feel free to contact EC or drop us a message in our whatsapp. We will never be alone along the cleaning process.