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Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning Services
Industrial Cleaning Services

In today’s landscape, industrial cleaning service have gained significant importance especially in industrial and commercial sector. Numerous industrial proprietors are encountering formidable challenges posed by certain aged contaminants, resulting in compromised product quality. Regrettably, conventional cleaning methods fall short in effectively eliminating these contaminants.

Many of these challenging contaminants are aged and resist standard cleaning approaches. In such scenarios, successful removal necessitates the application of specialized cleaning tools, potent detergents, chemicals, and advanced techniques. Here are some of the dedicate detergents we developed for overcoming several kinds of stubborn contaminants.

DST has established collaborations with numerous industrial and commercial entities seeking proficient industrial cleaning services.

Offering industrial cleaning services has become a pivotal undertaking for DST.

Some of the Industrial Cleaning Products

Industrial Cleaning Services

Most of the industrial cleaning services are aiming for routine cleaning, however there are some contaminant which require tailor-made cleaning need. In DST, we aim on those specialize cleaning needs.

Since DST established, we have more than 10 years experiences working on developing and supplying cleaning detergent fulfill industrial and commercial needs. Now, we are moving one step further to provide dedicate cleaning services to user, especially on those aged-contaminant which unable to removed by ordinary janitor cleaning.

In DST, we provide 2 major type of services to the industrial and commercial customers, namely

  1. Spare Part Washing Services. We provide dedicate spare part cleaning service which suit for customer’s needs. We ready to work with the part owner for overcoming the most the toughest contaminant cleaning service. This is a kind of tailor made cleaning and in some occasion, we may have to bring back the spare part to clean it in our facility.
  2. On-Site Industrial Cleaning Service. This is a specialize cleaning services which aim for removing stubborn contaminant at the work place. This is a kind of cleaning service beyond general janitor cleaning services.

Why Choosing DST?

All the while, DST is working behind the screen by supplying various detergents and chemicals to the cleaning industry. For an extended period, DST has been operating discreetly by providing an array of detergents and chemicals essential for industrial cleaning. Our expertise reveals that specific cleaning techniques must be adhered to by proprietors to attain optimal cleaning outcomes—a facet often overlooked by industrial workers.

  • Detergent and Chemistry. As creators of chemical formulations, we possess a deep understanding of the pivotal aspects governing the precise application of distinct cleaning agents. Being at the forefront of industrial cleaning services empowers us to tackle contaminants with heightened efficiency.
  • Staff Knowledge. Our team boasts years of hands-on experience in conquering diverse types of contaminants. This expertise equips us to adeptly apply the most suitable cleaning techniques tailored to specific contaminants.
  • Effective Cleaning Approaches and Tools: Our unwavering focus on employing diverse cleaning strategies stands as our commitment. This ethos is closely intertwined with the knowledge we’ve cultivated over the years. We also equip with various cleaning tools, such as water jet, ultrasonic machine, overflow tank, etc.

Continued Technical Support

DST places significant importance on imparting our cleaning expertise to our users, enabling them to seamlessly apply these techniques to their routine cleaning procedures. We go a step further by providing documented cleaning procedures, allowing our users to access structured guidance.

Our proficient engineers are dedicated to establishing an ongoing technical support system for our users. This commitment ensures that everyone involved gains valuable insights and knowledge throughout their engagement with us.

Contact DST now if you are looking for a tailor-made industrial cleaning services. Let us have the opportunity to solve the annoying aged-long contaminant effectively.