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Commercial Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner Liquid

Floor Cleaner Liquid
Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner Liquid

EC Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner liquid is a perfect detergent used for commercial floor cleaning, such as office, hotel and warehouse floor. It also can be used in manual cleaning and scrubber machine.

Many users have used EC brand Floor Cleaner Liquid in general commercial floor cleaning. The high concentration and solvent-free formulation have gained high remark in Malaysia commercial cleaning field.

Multi-purpose Floor Cleane Liquid

Application of EC Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner Liquid

EC Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner comes in high detergency formulation. The cleaner will breakdown the contaminant’s bonding force so that contaminant could be easily removed. The surfactant is wisely select to ensure maintain a hydrophilic surface after clean.


  • Water-based. This is a solvent-free formulation. The water-based formulation helps the user easy in handling.
  • Decent Smell. It contains pine essential oil for providing decent smell after clean.
  • Rapid Action. High detergency formulation rapidly breakdown the contaminant’s bonding and makes cleaning easy.
  • Low Foam. Low foaming formulation helps in reducing slippery effect after clean.
  • Nontoxic and non-corrosive properties. Safe to use in all hard surface.
  • Surface friendly. Safe on all marble, tile, granite surface.

Typical Properties

  • Appearance. Light brown.
  • Specific gravity. 1.05
  • pH. 8 – 8.5
  • Soluble in water. Good water soluble

Direction of Use

EC Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner Liquid can be used after dilution.

  • Dilution Range. Dilute 5 – 10 times base on cleaning needs.

Apply Methods

  1. Indoor area floor cleaning. Dilute the EC Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner Liquid. Mop the floor or scrub with a scrubber machine.
  2. Outdoor area floor cleaning. Load up a water-jet tank with the diluted EC Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner Liquid. Spray the water-jet liquid onto the outdoor floor area for cleaning.

Available Packing Size

  1. Convenient Packing. 5L pail
  2. Mass Packing. 20L pail.

Precaution Statement during Handling

In some occasion, the sensitive skin may occur after a long time in contact with skin. We strongly recommend users to wear appropriate PPE attire during the handling process.

  • Wear rubber gloves and eye goggles during the handling process.
  • Avoid getting contact with skin or eyes.
  • If solution spill off, flush the affected areas with plenty of water.
  • Do not ingest.
  • Stay away from children.