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Mold Cleaner

Rubber mold cleaner solution

Our Rubber Mold Cleaner (RMC)is a versatile alkaline-based solution, presenting a mild tan appearance. This product line encompasses multiple formulations, each tailored to specific rubber mold cleaning requirements. Notably, our RMC920 and RMC930 versions are recognized within the rubber industry for their exceptional performance in removing contaminants from rubber molds.

Rubber residues tend to accumulate on mold surfaces after repeated hot press cycles. This gradual buildup compromises product quality. Effective removal of these unwanted deposits is crucial to achieving optimal product standards.

The Rubber Mold Cleaner acts as a chemical approaches for removing the accumulated rubber contaminant.

Key Features

The Cleaner solution eliminates the need for mechanical contamination removal methods like sandblasting or scrubbing with a metal brush. It efficiently removes surface contaminants, restoring a clean appearance.

While variations exist among Rubber Mold Cleaner formulations, they share common purposes:

  • Dislodging stubborn aged contaminants.
  • Compatibility with various metals.
  • Alkaline-based formulation.
  • Detergent properties to enhance cleaning performance.

The cleaner formulation is giving the Malaysia rubber industry another choice for removing the aged-contaminant effectively. By soaking the entire rubber mold into the cleaner solution, the solution will start dislodge the aged contaminant even in the tiny groove.

Remark: Aluminum and Zinc alloy mould are not suitable for this series of cleaner solution.



EC Clean offers comprehensive technical support for cleaner selection due to the variability of Cleaner performance based on different application methods. Various cleaner formulations cater to prevalent cleaning techniques in the market. Currently, our cleaner solutions are able to cope with the below 2 commonly seen cleaning method.

  1. Rinsing method.
    Heat up the mold (>100C)
    Rinse the contaminated mold with the Rubber Mold Cleaner
    Rinse thoroughly.
    Apply Rust Prevention Solution on the mold.
  2. Soak & wash.
    Heat up the Cleaner solution between 70-80C
    Soak the contaminated mold into the Cleaner solution.
    Thoroughly wash the mold.
    Apply Rust Prevention Solution on the mold.

To maximize cleaning performance, we strongly encourage users to engage with us for tailored solutions.

Available Packing

The rubber mold cleaner come in 2 type of packaging, user could select the the packaging base on the needs. Perhaps, we could pack difference apart from the below standard packaging.

  • Bulk: 20L pail
  • Small Volume: 5L pail

Our Rubber Mold Cleaner is an industrial-grade product that benefits from technical support during the selection process. Contact us, and our engineers will guide you through the details to recommend the most suitable mold cleaning product for your needs.