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EC Dishwashing Liquid

EC Dishwashing Liquid is a high-end household cleaning detergent we develop to fulfill every family cleaning. This is an ECO-friendly formulation with high concentrated washing liquid that will easily clean up any oily dish, and return with a sparkle surface.

The main ingredients for EC Dishwashing Liquid are derived from plant-based corn starch. The plant-based surfactant gives an advantage for maximum skin protection. Perhaps, the liquid also provides a hand moisturising effect to prevent skin dryness. Furthermore, the liquid also comes with a refreshing bergamot smell.

EC Dishwashing Liquid is specially designed for the people who need best cleaning performance without drying skin. Perhaps, this detergent is suitable for housewife who concern about hand moisturising.

Application of Dish Washing Liquid

The application of EC dishwashing liquid is the same as other kitchen dishwashing detergent. Pour a small amount of liquid solution into a wetted dish sponge. Gently rub the sponge on the plate for removing the contaminated surface. This is a forming-rich formulation and the form will generate along with the rubbing process.

The liquid formula is so effective on oil remover. With a simple rubbing, it could remove the oily residue, curry stain, and heavy food grease leftover on the plate. Moreover, the rinsing process is simple and convenient too! With a few rub and rinse under the city water, the oily contaminant will flush away and be left with a sparkle clean surface.


EC dishwashing detergent comes with several features which suitable for many housewives who want to have effective cleaning without sacrificing hand dryness. Once you are armed with this detergent, you can easily clean up the oily dish and be awarded a bright cleaned plate.

  • Fast Cleaning Performance
  • Hand Moisturising
  • Rich form formulation
  • Plant based formulation
  • Bergamot refreshment smell

Typical Properties

A neutral pH is a basic fundamental for household dishwashing cleaning. The organic base ingredient brings further advantages for better cleaning as well as hand moisturising performance.

Plant-based Surfactant. The aqueous surfactant-based is derived from the corn plants. This unique surfactant not only minimizes environmental impact but also give less skin irritation.

Bergamot Smell. The organic fresher Bergamot scent will alleviate a better sensation, especially during the dish cleaning job.

Direction of Uses

The use of EC dishwashing detergent is similar to other detergents.

Direct Apply

Squeeze some EC cleaner on a wetted sponge. Directly apply on a contaminated dish with several rubbing actions. The foam rich formulation will immediately participate in contamination removal activity. Flush with water for overall dish cleaning.

Dilution Apply

Apply Method

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