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Industrial Cleaner & Detergent Products

EC Clean provides a wide variety of dedicate cleaners and detergent products. We have much more cleaning products to support Malaysia local market.

Do talk to us if you are not sure which product best suit your needs.

Personal Hygiene Sector

  1. Quantum Hand Spray Sanitizer

Quantum hand spray sanitizer consists of hypochlorite acid. It is an alcohol and antiseptic free formulation. Very suitable for a person who wants to sanitizer their hand but has allergy effect to alcohol.

Household Cleaning Sector

  • Oil Clean Solution

This is a dedicate cleaner formulation targeted for kitchen cleaning. This kitchen spray cleaner able to remove the aged-long oil film almost instantly.

Very suitable for cooker hood, kitchen counter, vacuum fan and gas stove cleaning. Simple application, spray-N-wipe mode.

  • General Surface Cleaner

This Surface Cleaner is formulated for general surface cleaning. The formulation well balances the contaminant removal and minimize the detergent residue on the surface.

This surface cleaner suitable for all hard and non-porous surface, such as marble, metal, plastictile surface.

  • EC Disinfectant Tablet

The EC disinfectant tablet is an effervescent tablet form. Just dissolve the tablet into plain water and the effervescent effect will convert the plain water solution into chlorine dioxide solution.

Chlorine dioxide solution is the main ingredient for water sanitizer purpose. The sanitizer capability is even better than sodium hypochlorite, bleach solution. It commonly used in family, water treatment, swimming pool and industry.

Commercial Cleaning Sector

  • Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner

The multi-purpose Floor Cleaner is a detergent formulated to clean up the commercial floor. The detergent could be used with water jet, scrubber or even manual mop.

Stubborn dirt and oil film shall be removed after cleaned with the multi-purpose Floor Cleaner.

  • Industrial Floor Cleaner

The industrial floor will accumulate with dirt and grease contaminant. Industrial Floor Cleaner is developed with the purpose of removing those commonly seen factory and warehouse shop floor.

  • Rust Dissolver

Rust Dissolver is a very unique alkaline-based formulation. The rusty mark always embedded “In” the material. The Rust Dissolver manage to go into the tiny porous material and dissolve the rusty mark.

The dissolve rusty material could be easily wiped off or flush away with water.

  • Paint Stripper

Paint stripper is a dedicate formulation for removing any paint mark on the tile surface. Just apply some Paint Stripper on the paint area, the paint mark will detach with the floor without damaging the floor or tile.

Wipe the loosen paint mark and restore a clean floor surface.

  • Rust Out Solution
  • Turboclean

Turboclean is a powerful cleaning detergent which has a very wide application, especially in industrial cleaning. We have many user who used this detergent in glass cleaning and hard surface cleaning.

  • Rubber Mold Cleaner (RMC Series)

This is a series of cleaner solution which aim for removing the contaminant mark on the rubber mold. A ordinary rubber mold will build up contaminant and get harden after some use. The contaminant tends to build-up on the mold surface. The deposit will build up slowly and deterioration on moulding quality.

We have a series of mould cleaner on this purpose. Along the way, we have developed series of Rubber Mold Cleaner in order to fit for various cleaning needs. Our Sales Engineer shall assess customer’s needs in order to propose the suitable cleaner product.