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EC Disinfectant Tablet

EC Disinfectant Tablet
EC Disinfectant Tablet

EC Disinfectant Tablet is suitable for surface and aerial disinfectant. It is a safe and effective disinfectant which should be used for the general surface disinfectant purpose.

The tablet comes in the effervescent form. Put a tablet into the water, it will dissolve in the water within a minute or two. The chlorine base disinfectant could be used as resemble the Dettol Disinfectant Spray.

Application of EC Disinfectant Tablet

The disinfectant tablet comes in the effervescent form. Instead of storing several liquid bottle, an effervescent tablet is more favour in storing. Perhaps, you could only make the disinfectant solution while needed.

The basic ingredient for EC disinfectant tablet is chlorine oxide. It is perfect to kill bacteria and virus which may present on any surface. The tablet will convert to a chlorine-based solution after mixing into water. Used the disinfectant liquid as an aerial sanitizing and any hard surface sanitize purpose. However, it is not suitable for skin sanitize.

EC Disinfectant Tablet
EC Disinfectant Tablet


  • Water-based. The effervescent tablet shall convert to water-based disinfectant after dissolved in water solution.
  • Rapid Action. Chlorine outside is a strong oxidant, it is very suitable to act as an aerial disinfectant and also surface disinfectant.
  • Non-toxic properties. Chlorine liquid will decompose after exposing in the environment.
  • Surface friendly. The chlorine-based liquid may cause minor oxidation effect on metal, wipe the surface with clean water to eliminate residue.

Typical Properties

  • Appearance. White colour tablet
  • Main Ingredient. Chlorine Oxide

Direction of Use

After diluted the EC Disinfectant tablet into water, the user could wipe any surface with the disinfectant water. The surface includes table, window, doorknob and floor. The user could also flush the water in the toilet basin for disinfectant purpose too!

  • Dilution Ratio. Mix 1 tablet of EC Disinfectant tablet into 1L of water.

Apply Methods

  1. Surface Sanitize. Use the disinfectant solution to wipe the surface such as a table, doorknob, window, floor. The user could flush in the toilet basin for sanitize purpose.
  2. Aerial Sanitize. Put the disinfectant solution into the sprayer, spray the solution in mist form toward the aerial for sanitize purpose.

Use Hand Spray Sanitizer if you want to sanitizer your hand.

Available Packing Size

  1. Convenient Packing. 10 tablet per pack

Precaution Statement for Handling this Tablet

Wear minimum PPE attire is required while handling the disinfectant. Two areas have to be protected while handling:

  1. Skin. Wear a rubber glove during handling.
  2. Inhale. This is more concern especially comes to aerial disinfectant. Wear a facemask while applying a surface disinfectant.

  • Wear a pair of rubber gloves and eye goggles during the handling process.
  • Avoid getting contact with skin or eyes.
  • For External Use only.
  • Do not ingest.
  • Stay away from children.