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Car Windscreen Cleaner

EC Windscreen Cleaner is a cleaner develop for car windshield. The dust and oil smear always covered on the windscreen surface. We need a dedicate cleaner to breakdown the contaminant and remove it promptly.

EC brand Car Windscreen Cleaner is a concentrated detergent-based cleaner. The high water solubility properties help this detergent well- mixed in the car water spray tank.

Application of the Car Windscreen Cleaner

The EC brand Car Windscreen Cleaner shall be added into a wiper tank. The cleaner comes with adequate foaming formulation. The fine foam characteristic will effectively spray on the windscreen without disturbing the driver view.

This car windscreen cleaner also provides a hydrophilic surface after clean. The hydrophilic property promotes water flushing away dirt contaminant.


  • Water-based. This is a solvent-free formulation. The water-based formulation helps the cleaner to mix in the spray water tank.
  • Rapid Action. High concentration formulation makes the mixing becomes easy.
  • Fine Foam. Fine foaming formulation helps in removing the contaminant on the windscreen with 2-3 times wiper scrub.
  • Nontoxic and non-corrosive properties. Safe and ease of handling, and will not damage the windscreen coating.
  • Surface friendly. Safe on all glass surface.

Typical Properties

  • Appearance. Light brown.
  • Specific gravity. 1.05
  • pH. 8-9
  • Soluble in water. Good water soluble

Direction of Use

The EC Car Windscreen Cleaner offers simple mixing requirement before use. Application procedure:

  1. Open the Car Windscreen Cleaner.
  2. Pour into the car wiper water tank.
  3. Add up city water to full up the car wiper water tank.

Apply Methods

  1. Spray. Spray the diluted cleaner solution on the car windscreen, scrub the windshield with the wiper. Repeat if needed.

Available Packing Size

  1. Convenient Packing. 60ml bottle

Precaution Statement during Handling

A slippery feeling after getting in touch with the skin. In some occasion, the sensitive skin may occur after a long time in contact.

  • Avoid getting contact with skin or eyes.
  • While solution spill off, flush the affected areas with plenty of water.
  • Do not ingest.
  • Stay away from children.