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EC Products and Services

We are supplying various tailor-made cleaning detergents for helping you to clean the contaminants.

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Aerial disinfectant and hand sanitizer are the basic sanitizers for maintaining good personal hygiene.

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Detergents & Cleaners

We have various cleaning detergents for dedicate contaminants. Check out our available cleaning detergents. We believe you should get 1 for your needs.

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Cleaning Consultation

Not all contaminants could be removed with a single detergent. We are always here to work with you so that you could use the correct detergent to clean the messy contaminant.

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Cleaning Services

You are running out of hands to clean up the area or contaminants. Don't worry, we are here to help.

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Water-Based Coolants for Metal Surface Grinding

The water-based coolant launch to the Malaysia market with the aim for lifting the metal surface grinding performance. In the metalworking, achieving optimal cutting efficiency while maintaining environmental sustainability is a paramount concern. Coolfast Coolant is a water-based […]

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Remove the Spalted Line on Wood Surface

Spalt line on Wood Surface

How to remove the spalt line on the wood surface has drawn our attention recently. Spalt line or zone line is one of the aesthetic pattern on wood surface. Many articles or researches have […]

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How to Bleach an Aged Wood

Old furniture or aged wood can lose its luster over time, leaving it looking dull and lifeless. This is where wood bleaching comes in handy. Bleaching wood is a straightforward process when you have the right Wood Bleach solution, […]

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