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EC Products and Services

We are supplying various tailor-made cleaning detergents for helping you to clean the contaminants.

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Aerial disinfectant and hand sanitizer are the basic sanitizers for maintaining good personal hygiene.

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Detergents & Cleaners

We have various cleaning detergents for dedicate contaminants. Check out our available cleaning detergents. We believe you should get 1 for your needs.

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Cleaning Consultation

Not all contaminants could be removed with a single detergent. We are always here to work with you so that you could use the correct detergent to clean the messy contaminant.

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Cleaning Services

You are running out of hands to clean up the area or contaminants. Don't worry, we are here to help.

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Anilox Surface Cleaning

Anilox surface cleaning is one of the challenge in industrial part cleaning. The anilox surface could be defined as a fine surface texture which having certain needs. For instance a roller surface engrave with fine dimple which commonly […]

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Is DIY Homemade Kitchen Cleaner Effective?

Kitchen Cleaners in the market

The household user tends to DIY homemade kitchen cleaner especially they cannot have one from the market. The real fact, there are a few good kitchen cleaners available in the market.

General cleaner or detergent […]

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5 Cleaning Products Brand in Malaysia

Kitchen cleaners

There are many household cleaning products in Malaysia. In this article, we reveal the top 5 common cleaner brands in Malaysia, and those brands have a wide distribution channel in Malaysia. You could easily find most of […]

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