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Category Archives: Cleaners & Detergent

Wood Bleaching vs. Wood Sanding?

Surface Bleaching Result

Wood bleaching is often the unfamiliar wood surface treatment. There are two common method wood bleaching and wood sanding to rejuvenating old or weathered wood. Both techniques aim to restore the appearance of wood surfaces, but they differ […]

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Develop of Wood Bleach Solution

Let us walk you through how we develop the 2 parts Wood Bleach Solution. Wood bleach solution has become a popular choice for rejuvenating aged or weathered wood surfaces, restoring them to their former glory. However, developing an […]

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Remove the Spalted Line on Wood Surface

Spalt line on Wood Surface

How to remove the spalt line on the wood surface has drawn our attention recently. Spalt line or zone line is one of the aesthetic pattern on wood surface. Many articles or researches have […]

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How to Bleach an Aged Wood

Old furniture or aged wood can lose its luster over time, leaving it looking dull and lifeless. This is where wood bleaching comes in handy. Bleaching wood is a straightforward process when you have the right Wood Bleach solution, […]

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Anilox Surface Cleaning

Anilox surface cleaning is one of the challenge in industrial part cleaning. The anilox surface could be defined as a fine surface texture which having certain needs. For instance a roller surface engrave with fine dimple which commonly […]

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Is DIY Homemade Kitchen Cleaner Effective?

Kitchen Cleaners in the market

The household user tends to DIY homemade kitchen cleaner especially they cannot have one from the market. The real fact, there are a few good kitchen cleaners available in the market.

General cleaner or detergent […]

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5 Cleaning Products Brand in Malaysia

Kitchen cleaners

There are many household cleaning products in Malaysia. In this article, we reveal the top 5 common cleaner brands in Malaysia, and those brands have a wide distribution channel in Malaysia. You could easily find most of […]

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Kitchen Spray Cleaner in Malaysia

If you are going to any supermarket in Malaysia, there are various kitchen spray cleaner and household cleaner placed on the goods shelf. Even though they are marked as a kitchen cleaner, unfortunately not all the cleaner perform the […]

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EC Cleaner Official Store in Lazada Malaysia

EC Oil Clean Solution

This is a remarkable milestone for EC Cleaner. We had our first EC brand e-commerce official store in Lazada Malaysia. EC Cleaner comprise of several dedicate cleaner and sanitizer products, with these set of products, […]

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Choose the correct Surface Cleaning Detergent

Select the Suitable Surface Cleaning Detergent

There are many surface cleaning detergents available in the Malaysia shopping mall. Sometimes consumers get confused about how to choose the appropriate detergent for its cleaning needs.

There are many parameters to consider while coming […]

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