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Water-Based Coolants for Metal Surface Grinding

The water-based coolant launch to the Malaysia market with the aim for lifting the metal surface grinding performance. In the metalworking, achieving optimal cutting efficiency while maintaining environmental sustainability is a paramount concern. Coolfast Coolant is a water-based coolants emerge as a solution that addresses both efficiency and sustainability in metal surface grinding processes.

Water-based coolants offer a multifaceted approach to enhancing metal surface cutting operations. The coolants, blending with additives, lubricant for achieving cooling purposes, act as an alternative to traditional oil-based coolant.

Let’s delve deeper into the advantages and applications of water-based coolants in metal surface cutting.

Advantages on Water-based Coolant for Metal Grinding Surface

Enhanced Cooling and Lubrication: Coolfast Coolant dissipating heat generated during the surface grinding process. The coolants prevent thermal damage to the work piece and pro-long the grinding stone life span. Additionally, the lubricating properties of water-based coolants facilitate smoother grinding action, reducing friction and wear on cutting tools.

Improved Surface Finish: The use of water-based coolants results in superior surface finishes on machined components. Especially the coolant will reduce the heat mark on the metal surface.

Environmental Friendliness: Unlike oil-based coolants, water-based formulations offer a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution for metal surface cutting. The Coolfast coolant minimizing the environmental impact associated with coolant disposal and reducing the risk of air pollution from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by oil-based coolant. Moreover, the Coolfast water-based coolants are non-toxic and biodegradable, further contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Clog up Grinding Stone

Operator Safety and Health: Water-based coolants provide a safer working environment for operators compared to oil-based counterparts. With lower levels of chemical additives and reduced vaporize mist, this promotes worker well-being and complies with stringent occupational health and safety regulations.

Developing of Water-based Coolant

Even though the benefit of water-based coolant are obvious, but the developing journey for Coolfast Coolant is not simple or straight forward. Similar to most of the development on industrial cleaner, we have spent more than 5 years on developing series of water based coolant which cover metal working process. Our coolant has showed a good performance in below:

  1. High stock removal
  2. Extend grinding stone life span
  3. Maintain metal surface integrity

Convert to Water-Based Coolant

We have many years working with CMP grinding process. The grinding stone could easily clogged up and affected the grinding performance. The Coolfast Coolant has showed a remarkable improvement in term of grind-ability performance. The effort we pour in the metal working process has rewarded us with grinding knowledge.

In case you require a breakthrough in your grinding process, feel free to contact us, let us become your partner to moving into new era of innovation and responsible manufacturing practices in the metalworking industry.

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