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Anilox Surface Cleaning

Anilox surface cleaning is one of the challenge in industrial part cleaning. The anilox surface could be defined as a fine surface texture which having certain needs. For instance a roller surface engrave with fine dimple which commonly seen in the printing industry.

The anilox surface is so fine that the contaminant will easily build up through out the application. Further more, the layer becomes very stubborn and hard to remove by ordinary cleaning method. In this circumstances, the owner may need to engage DST for part cleaning service.

Anilox surface cleaning requires substantial knowledge to accomplish the job.

The challenge for Anilox Surface Cleaning

The anilox surface is a fine surface texture which requires for certain process need. The texture is so fine that the contaminant is easily build up and clog the texture. The dirty texture surface will affect the performance eventually. There are many possible causes for causing a dirty anilox surface, such as:

  • Dry up process material
  • In sufficient periodic maintenance

The build-up contaminant could be becomes stubborn if aged. Under this circumstance, the ordinary anilox surface cleaner or blemish cleaner in the market may not be sufficient to remove the aged-contaminant.

The Common Methods for Aged-Contaminant Removal

For aged-contaminant on the fine texture surface will becomes very challenging to the cleaning. Many factors have to consider before we proceed the anilox surface cleaning. This requires experience in detergent selection and the use of cleaning tools.

However there are a few cleaning methods we normally apply during the cleaning services,

  1. Detergent and Chemical Selection.
  2. Surface Scrubbing
  3. Mechanical Surface Blasting.
  4. Clean with Ultrasonic Cleaning.
  5. Implement Temperature Control.

During the actual cleaning, we may consider to apply multiple cleaning strategy in order to improve the cleaning efficiency without damaging the texture surface.

The Anilox Surface Cleaning Job

Recently we have a request to clean-up a anilox surface. It is a fine mesh which filled up with rubber residue. It is so stubborn that the process owner has used various methods but still unable to clean the surface. They look for our industry cleaning service with the voice of customer.

After some examination on the fill-up anilox surface, we concluded to clean the surface with chemical and scrubbing approach. By selecting the suitable Mold Cleaner, and with the helps of minor scrubbing, the aged-contaminant being removed.

Anilox surface is a hard to clean surface. It requires experience to remove the contaminant without damaging the fine texture surface.

If you have a fine anilox surface which always giving you trouble, this is the moment you want to talk with DST so that let us help you to remove the contaminant effectively.

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