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Household Cleaners & Detergents in Malaysia

Household Cleaner - Kitchen Use
Household Cleaner – Kitchen Use

We tailor-made all our household cleaner & detergents so that you could get the most cleaning result as you want. We are seeing many cleaners sell in Malaysia market, but most are general kind of multi-purpose cleaning detergent. Hardly, we could have one which really formulates for a specific contaminant.

EC Clean is a series of cleaning detergent products for removing the contaminant. All formulation is scrutiny formulated to ensure the balance of cleaning result, user handling and environmentally friendly.

Household Cleaning Detergents

In Malaysia, there are many household cleaning detergents sell in the supermarket, unfortunately, most of the cleaners are for general cleaning purpose. In order to obtain the best cleaning result, you have to select the appropriate cleaners for the respective application.

EC Clean – Malaysia Household Cleaner Formulation Company

Practically, there is no one detergent suit for all contaminants. Unless you are using the correct detergent, else you are unable to get a satisfy cleaning result. Under these circumstances, EC is formulating our cleaner products base on individual needs.

EC Clean supplies several MUST HAVE household cleaner in Malaysia. You could achieve better contaminant removal with these specific detergents.

Must-Have Malaysia Household Cleaner

Many have already bought cleaners and detergent for household application. But there are a few areas which you could improve.

Kitchen Cleaner
Kitchen is the area get in contact with oil stain. An ordinary cleaner has very limited removal or cleaning capability. Under this circumstance, use our dedicate kitchen spray cleaner, Oil Clean Solution, for all kitchen cleaning activity.

Toiletry Detergent
Scum is easily accumulated on the toilet wall. Why use other cleaners while you have a special make formulation to work on this purpose. Use the Surface Cleaner for getting the best result.

Dedicate Cleaners
Surface Cleaner. A multi-purpose surface cleaner for overcoming general surface contaminant.
Rust Out. A cleaner especially for removing rusty surface.
Rust Dissolver. A cleaner for removing rusty surface.
Paint Stripper. A cleaner to strip off paint from a tile surface.
Cement Splash. A dedicate cleaner formulation for removing any leftover cement mark on the tile floor surface.

Choose the Right Cleaners and Detergents

Not all the cleaners serve the same. Selecting the appropriate cleaner and detergent could be an engineering work for many users. EC Clean is a series of Malaysia household cleaner which formulate base on local cooking behaviour. With our support, the household user could contact EC Clean and talk to us about the contaminant that mostly borders you.

Our free cleaning consultation services are our commitment to work with you. We welcome any consultation or inquiry in case you are not very sure which household cleaners or detergents should be selected.

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